For quite some time, I had been wanting to find a way of interviewing some of the inspirational people who inspire me on a daily basis. From old friends who I've known for many years to new acquaintances, Pigment Profiles aim to explore the creative processes of these individuals.

It is an absolute honour to have my dear friend Ryan Lopes on this first installment of Pigment Profiles, so without further ado, here is the interview.

Photography by   Christopher Mongeau

Photography by Christopher Mongeau

What/who inspires you and your work?
Primarily other creatives and and current contemporaries who are contributing to their individual timeline. It’s so important to constantly be putting out work and I highly favor those who meet the amends.

You’ve worked with some really amazing brands and small businesses. Describe the creative process you follow. Does it change from project to project?
Thank you! The process is fluid at this point— meaning the opportunities arise from the direction and narrative I deliver throughout my work. I’m always open to ideas and hearing how people internalize my performance and from there propose something natural.

What got you interested in content curation, styling and photography?
This medium naturally has always been something I’ve had so much interest in, though I recently got rid of the self-made obstacles that make me feel incapable. Seeing the way my relatives “dress” their homes and themselves, along with maintaining influences through art today. The capability of creating my own, essentially corresponded to making my long-term interests into passionate projects.

Who are some people whose work/processes interest you?
My peers inspire me so much. The art and sole culture that lives in Rhode Island, alone still feels very fresh and pure and I hold on to that every day. Instagram, for the better, always. I follow so many humbling and intuitive beings. It’s a beautiful time. Self-Practice, a wellness profile, founded by Lauren Trend is life changing. Along with other wellness platforms and smaller proprietors who are claiming ownership and change within prolonged rules and structures.

How do you move past a creative block?
I can’t run. Some last longer than others, though I try to share as much as how I feel in reference to any blocks within my experience. We’re often going through the same exact obstacles and some assistance goes such a long way.

What struggles have you faced pursuing a creative career?
Wanting every answer immediately.

What advice would you give to others looking to explore their creative outlets?
Take your time, but value it. Create the necessary space you need to maintain a healthy attitude throughout this process so you can be your best. Although, try your hardest to maintain a structure in your practice. When you feel as though you don’t want to do it, today, that is normal though, you should still get up at some point and crack at it. Your effort is time and your time continuously unfolds to more opportunities, improved skill and a stronger relationship within your practice and community.

Currently listening to (podcasts, music, audiobooks):
Haven’t heard a podcast in a while. Musically, been listeningto a whole lot of 90s R&B + Soul. Lots of Rachelle Ferrell, Alice Coltrane*, Early Mary J. Blige, Pharaoh Sanders. Slowly read “The Year of Magical Thinking” by Joan Didion. Her words are beyond me, always. Will be reaching “Pleasure Activism” by Adrienne Maree Brown, which was recommended to me. I’m excited.

Current goals (personal/professional):
I’ve only been affirming ‘If it takes two minutes, just do it now’. As much as I should write goals down and check in on them, I haven’t gotten there yet.

Top 5 (products, places, food, activities etc.):
5! Oh jeez, let’s try! 501 Levis – My Lotuff Leather Bag —Lys 41 by LeLabo — Guy Morgan Apothecary Face Balm — Vitamin C Serum!!!!

Favourite piece of advice:
Always show up, no matter the case and never take anything personal.

Find Ryan on instagram @rylopes
and at Visual Appeal Blog

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